God has gifted every one of us with skills and talents that can be used to bless others. One way we can use our gifts is in the church. There are several ministry areas at Hope Covenant where you can serve.
Welcome Team – This Sunday morning ministry uses the gift of hospitality to help each and every person who walks through the doors of Hope Covenant feel welcome.  Host Team members greet, prepare and manage the refreshment area, pass out bulletins, collect the offering, as well as mingle in the fellowship hall before and after the service.
HopeKids Leader – If you enjoy loving on kids and helping them learn more about Jesus, our HopeKifds minstry is right for you. HopeKids Leaders interact with kids, ranging from nursery through 5th grade, and facilitate a fun multimedia lesson on Sunday mornings.
Tech Team – If you are technologically savvy, your gifts would be a great match for our Tech Team.  People on this team oversee the audio/visual aspects of our Sunday morning worship service, including sound booth and lighting.  
Hope Youth – Our high school and middle school ministry are always looking for adult leaders to serve with teenagers.  Many Christian adults have claimed their spiritual growth was enhanced in their teenage years by a caring, Christian adult.  Perhaps you will be that kind of person in the life of a teenager!
HopeGroup Facilitator – HopeGroups are our small groups at Hope Covenant. HopeGroups create accountability and community within a group of 6-12 adults.  The key to facilitating a HopeGroup is simply asking questions to keep the conversation going. 
HopePrayers – If you have the gift of prayer, you will oove serving in this ministry.  As prayer requests are turned in to the church, you will lift these concerns and praises to God in prayer, along with the pastors and other members of the team.
HopeCares – Our HopeCares ministry cares for people through tangible, loving acts.  If you enjoy doing things for other people, join this powerful ministry.
If you would like to serve at Hope Covenant Church, or if you would simply like to know more about serving in these areas, fill out the form below and one of our ministry leaders will contact you soon!